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Please Note - Pre-registration and pre-payment are required for our events. The registration fee is non-refundable for those who are not Dual Members. As a non-Dual Member and once registered, if you are unable to attend, you may send a colleague in your place for the date you have registered. We look forward to seeing you!

Upcoming events

    • June 12, 2024
    • 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM
    • Best Western. 401 Winchester St, Keene, NH 03431

    Increasing your Emotional Intelligence

    8:00am-8:30am: Registration/networking. Meeting 8:30am -10:00am

    Join us after the meeting for a post meeting discussion! Want to suggest a topic? Email info@monadnock.shrm or use our new forum:

    Session Overview 

    This training includes a brief introduction to emotional intelligence, emphasizing its importance in both personal and professional settings. Participants will learn about the core components of EI: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills. Case studies include an opportunity to practice empathy and effective communication. The session will include practical tips and resources for continued development and encourage participants to apply these skills in their daily interactions.


    1. Introduce the concept of emotional intelligence.
    2. Explore key components of emotional intelligence.
    3. Provide practical techniques for improving emotional intelligence.

    Duration: 75 minutes

    Speaker Bio:                                                                                                                           

    Susan Loynd: 

    Susan is a senior human resource executive, with over twenty years leading 500+ non-profit agency in Vermont. She specializes in leadership training and employee relations. Susan is passionate about teaching and sharing the breadth and depth of her skills with customers. Susan provides solutions to help clients ensure their businesses are aligned with HR industry best practice. By reviewing your organizational culture, leadership, and governance models she offers recommendations on training, employee engagement initiatives, employee relations, and compliance issues to maintain a positive workplace.

    Susan is a Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP) and is a SHRM instructor at the national and state level. She has also taught business, humanity and HR classes for Vermont State University and Community College of Vermont for over 20 years.

    Susan holds a master’s degree from the University of Kent in Canterbury, and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Vermont.

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     Credit Hours

    ·        Greater Monadnock SHRM is certified by SHRM as a Preferred Provider to offer Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for SHRM-CP or SHRM-SCP, and this program has been registered for 1 PDC in the SHRM Body of Competency & Knowledge™ (SHRM BoCK™).

    ·        Programs are submitted for 1 General HR Credit Hour toward PHR, SPHR, and GPHR certification through the Human Resources Certification Institute.

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